Before the Fall™ Director:
Naomi Azulay, PT, MA, CEEAA

Professional Education

Physical Therapy Program
Columbia University

Advanced Masters Degree Program in Developmental Disabilities
New York University

Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults                                               American Physical Therapy Association, Geriatrics Section

Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor Certification Program
California State University at Fullerton

Naomi Azulay began her Physical Therapy career in 1980 with a background in yoga and dance. Over the last 35 years she has had extensive experience in treating orthopedic, neurological, spinal, and chronic pain syndromes, as well as developmental disorders. She began her private practice in 1997.

Naomi’s interest in balance training came as a result of treating older adults for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. As patients improved and could function with less pain, many confided in her that they were fearful of falling and had difficulty with their balance.

“I realized that balance can be a very complex problem and it deserves more attention than just an adjunct to other treatment.”

After studying various fall prevention programs in the US and internationally, Naomi began her Before the Fall™ program to provide quality assessment and one-on-one training for older adults who are at risk for falls. “Many older adults know that they have balance problems, but don’t know that they can actually improve. But balance is a skill—it can be re-learned with the right guidance and support.”

Naomi has conducted seminars in fall
prevention and balance training
for seniors at the 92nd Street Y,
HealthOutreach of NYP/Weill Cornell
and the Brookdale Center for Healthy
Aging at Hunter College.