“Naomi Azulay is simply the best therapist I know. She has the rare combination of very smart head, warm heart and extremely talented hands. She is not only an unusually talented therapist, but she is far better trained than most; taking every opportunity to learn more, acquire new skills and dig deeper into her field. Knowing her for years and years my admiration continues to grow.”

Eric J. Cassell, MD, M.A.C.P

“The Before The Fall–Balance, Strength & Fall Prevention Training program
addresses and meets a substantial need of all older adults, anyone at risk for
falling and the health care providers that care for them. The videos contain
a comprehensive and robust set of exercises and information that is at the
same time scientifically evidence based and practical.

The easy to follow format allows patients to mitigate the risk of falling by
following a step-by-step program with clear demonstrations at each step in
the process. Ultimately they benefit by avoiding ineffective, tedious or
expensive rehabilitation programs while gaining strength, function and

The Before the Fall program is based on a sophisticated understanding of
balance and ambulation so it is also very useful in training physicians,
therapists and anyone responsible for helping people improve their walking
and safety. Naomi Azulay has shared her expertise and experience in
creating a program that is an invaluable resource for patients and health
care providers.”

– Mark Thomas, MD
Program Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“Naomi Azulay has been an integral part of NY Presbyterian’s Health Outreach® Fall Prevention Activities.  She is dedicated to ensuring that older adults have the necessary skills to avoid devastating falls.  Her Before the Fall curriculum is easy to learn and incorporate into daily practice.  I count her as an important partner in our efforts to keep older adults safe.”

– Sandy Regenbogen-Weiss, LCSW
Social Work Manager of HealthOutreach®, NY Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center

“As a personal trainer I found the exercises in the Before the Fall training program to be very applicable to my clientele and to myself, a fit 74 year old. The motor skills Naomi teaches are timeless reminders of how to move safely in daily life. To remember to initiate a sit-to-stand squat with a contraction of the glutes is basic anytime you rise from a seated position. And consciously practicing a heel strike prevents a fall while walking or running, especially on an uneven surface. This I know having previously fallen twice on the same uneven surface before taking Naomi’s program!”

-Joan Pagano
Author of
Strength Training Exercises for Women
Fitness consultant and trainer

“I had fallen several times and knew I needed help. Naomi zeroed in on my problem. I’m not afraid of falling anymore and I feel stronger than ever. I highly recommend the Before the Fall program to everyone who wants to improve their balance and keep active.”
– Harriet H

“Almost 80, I had heard horror stories of friends falling, lives altered. I was not always sure of my own balance. But I ignored it. Until one day I found Naomi and Before the Fall. Wonderful! She taught me exercises I could actually do, and did actually do.  Exercises that made me realize that I had been fearful of doing some things. Naomi worked with me…and then I went to Bhutan and walked some very gentle mountain paths. Thank you Naomi!
-Jane S

“Do yourself a favor. Spend some good time with Naomi. She knows more about balance than Charlie Chaplin.  In other words, she’s brilliant. Not only that, she’s one of the nicest and brightest people I know.”
– John E

“I started working w/ Naomi after back surgery to regain my strength and balance.  She taught me exercises that I continued at home, and I’m glad I did.  They probably saved my life.  One evening, I needed a cab and as a passenger was exiting, I grabbed the door handle to get in.  The driver didn’t see me and started taking off, yanking me forward. A man yelled STOP and the driver stopped, yanking me backwards.  I twirled around a couple of times, about to fall, but my feet stepped quickly and my body stayed upright.  The man who watched the whole thing said ‘WOW’ and I replied, ‘Not bad for an 85 year old.’ ” 
– Elizabeth W

“Just being with Naomi is a pleasure.  Her work is so subtle that after a time you suddenly become aware that you are walking in this world with greater confidence and ease.”
– Anne K

“When I started working with Naomi, I was walking slowly and awkwardly.  I was fearful of crossing streets, getting in and out of subways, and falling. After 4 months, I am considerably more confident about my balance, I can walk much faster, and subways are not the same challenge they were.  Naomi has helped me tremendously.  She has taught me skills which have improved the quality of my life.”
– Joan W

“My walking and balance have improved and I can go up and down curbs without fear of falling. But a special WOW because of something I couldn’t do five years ago—I danced at my granddaughter’s big event!”
-Sherlee S

“The saying is “There is always light at the end of the tunnel!” I experienced it with Naomi. You can learn again to walk and feel secure and see the light.”

“I had dizziness for years and had tried several programs, but was still falling. Naomi Azulay’s Before the Fall is one of the best approaches to balance problems I have ever found. She has helped me enormously and I highly recommend her.”   
– Meredith L

“Naomi Azulay is a dedicated and caring Physical Therapist with years of experience. She has an intuitive understanding of how to improve a patient’s condition. Simply put, Naomi is a gift!”
– Alice C

“What I value most about working with Naomi is her equal emphasis on improving balance and increasing strength. Also, she is an excellent teacher.”
– Jane C

“I’m an atheist when it comes to exercise. But Naomi has turned me into a believer! Next up, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Senior Edition”
– Vicki B